Don’t Make Blind Purchases

Learn from my mistake and don’t make a blind purchase. What I mean by that is don’t just buy an item based on the sales pitch. Take time and actually read the details and compare the alternatives.

Case-in-point: I recently got a new Patagonia backpack. Sure, Patagonia is a great brand and the product is quality for sure. But it just isn’t working out for me. And the worst part? I got a stain on it the second day I had it, so I can’t return it!

How did I get into the predicament? I made my purchase on sight alone, without looking too much into the specifics or reading any customer reviews. Now, I’m going to wind up having to buy another bag. Ugh!

The funniest thing is I already blogged about my backpack search. And I had really researched a couple of good options. Buy in the end I decided to save a few dollars and this is where it got me. I’m mostly mad at myself because I should have known better. I (usually) always do my research.

I guess it’s back to backpack shopping for me.

My Allergies Have Hit Me Something Fierce

Definitely need some advice here! For the past few weeks my allergies have been killing me. Like, I am completely tired of dealing with the constant sneezing (when I can actually breathe). And not getting real sleep at night is the worst. I’m constantly tired.

I’ve tried just about every medicine out there. From allergy meds to sinus meds and everything in between. Nothing really helps. Some stuff may seem to work for a day or two, but that’s it. Maybe I built a tolerance, maybe it was all in my head?

I’ve been looking into buying an air purifier for my room. From everything I’ve read it seems like a good way to help my allergies.

Another problem is that even though I don’t smoke, my roommates do. And even though they smoke outside, the smokey smell makes its way indoors. I’m sure that isn’t helping my breathing problem. But I think a good air purifier will help that too.

The downside is I really don’t want to spend that kind of money! These things (at least the well-reviewed ones) aren’t cheap. We’re talking like $200-300 just to clean the air in my room. Plus buying new filters twice a year or so. Ugh!

Trust me, I’m looking for more practical options. I really don’t want to drop that kind of cash if I don’t have to. So if you have any other suggestions, please send them over this way!

Looking For A New Backpack – Any Suggestions?

So my old backpack (that I use just about every day mind you) finally called it quits after four years. Sure, it’s been having some issues for a while (small holes here and there, one strap beginning to rip, etc.) but this morning was really the end.

I was walking down the street heading towards the station when all of the sudden my back felt a whole lot lighter. The first thought that crossed my mind was “this isn’t good” and the next was “what was that loud crash on the concrete behind me?”

Lo and behold, I turn around to find that basically everything that was being carried on my back is now lying right on the sidewalk. Flustered I gather all of my stuff together and manage to fit it all in a random grocery bag I happened to have tucked into my backpack’s side compartment.

Upon further inspection, I discovered that one of the “small holes” in the bottom of my bag (word to the wise, don’t set your backpack down on rough concrete any more frequently than you have to) had turned into a “giant hole” which basically took up the entire bottom of my pack. Yes, the entire bottom opened up.

That’s my day so far, which brings me to my current dilemma: what should I do for a replacement?

I typically go for more practical, utility-type backpacks because of how much I carry a bag with me, but now I’m kind of up in the air about getting something slightly more stylish instead. Sure, my backpack needs to be practical, but I guess I do care a little bit about my appearance. And, on top of being reliable (up until today that is), if there’s one thing my old bag was, it was ugly.

Right now I have two different bags that I’m looking at:

The first is a pack from North Face – it looks durable and practical, but lacking a little bit in style.

Where as the second, a Fjallraven backpack, is much more stylish (I seem to see more and more around the city every day) but doesn’t inspire the confidence of durability the North Face bag does. Conversely, it’s half the price so I guess I need to take that into consideration as well.

I guess I just don’t know what to do, so I’m here eager for suggestions. Which of these two bags on my shortlist do you think makes the most sense? Or do you have an entirely separate recommendation altogether?

What To Do With All These Magazines?

So somehow over the past few years I’ve managed to rack up subscriptions to a ton of different magazines. No, I didn’t pay for any of them, thankfully. But to be honest I never even have time to sit down and read them anymore.

Every month ten new magazines may show up in my mailbox and I’ll be lucky if I glance through just one or two. The rest either go right in the recycling or sit around taking up space until they’re inevitably tossed in the recycling bin anyways.

I always feel bad about just tossing them away, but I don’t know what else to do with them.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions of what I can do with a stack of popular, mainstream magazines (think SI, People, etc.) each month besides just dumping them?

Othello’s Chamber Welcomes You

This is the new website – the online presence if you will – for Othello’s Chamber.

Once our website is up and finished you’ll be able to find out just about everything you’ve ever wanted to know about Othello here, so make sure that you come back to see us soon. We’re not entirely sure when the new site will be finished, so make sure to visit regularly to check out the progress for yourself.

In the meantime, feel free to browse around elsewhere for Othello information – we know that there’s plenty of good stuff to find out there. On that note – if you think of anything related to Othello that we should include in the site, don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know. Thanks again for visiting and we hope you come back soon!