Don’t Make Blind Purchases

Learn from my mistake and don’t make a blind purchase. What I mean by that is don’t just buy an item based on the sales pitch. Take time and actually read the details and compare the alternatives.

Case-in-point: I recently got a new Patagonia backpack. Sure, Patagonia is a great brand and the product is quality for sure. But it just isn’t working out for me. And the worst part? I got a stain on it the second day I had it, so I can’t return it!

How did I get into the predicament? I made my purchase on sight alone, without looking too much into the specifics or reading any customer reviews. Now, I’m going to wind up having to buy another bag. Ugh!

The funniest thing is I already blogged about my backpack search. And I had really researched a couple of good options. Buy in the end I decided to save a few dollars and this is where it got me. I’m mostly mad at myself because I should have known better. I (usually) always do my research.

I guess it’s back to backpack shopping for me.

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